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VIKNALAND – the first Ukrainian
windows in Ukraine

We do not invent the non-existent characteristics of our product. We openly talk about the real benefits of VIKNALAND Ukrainian windows, created in the light of the weather features of our country.
Already today, we are one of the three leaders of Ukraine in the production of PVC profiles

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The most important feature of VIKNALAND window systems
complete adaptation for temperature variations on the territory of Ukraine. Window – the design is initially mobile, “breathing”. In winter, the window profile becomes more fragile and brittle, in the summer, after heating, – soft and supple. Therefore, reliable profile and high-quality professional installation play a decisive role in the long-term operation of windows. And the VIKNALAND profile is designed according to Ukrainian weather conditions.

VIKNALAND is manufactured using modern technology. The maximum automation of production, European recipe and strict adherence to production regimes allow to make a statement on the reliable quality of VIKNALAND products.

The service life of VIKNALAND PVC profiles is more than 40 years old. They do not require dyeing, they retain color for a long time, as well as a smooth and glossy surface.

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40 years
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PVC-profile design allows to install anti-break fittings that will withstand an attempt of breaking and intrusion into your home

Multi-chamber PVC profile has a significant advantage
in strength, thermal protection and soundproofing in comparison
with three-chamber profiles. Multi-chamber feature affects the issue
that the window does not lets through the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.
This allows to maintain optimal temperature conditions for
creating comfort in your home.


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