04Plastic windows are becoming more and more popular in the Ukrainian market due to their undeniable advantages: high thermal and sound insulation, reliability, durability, aesthetics and ease of care.

Due to the large number of window companies represented on the market, it is difficult to make a choice, especially when you do not understand the profile systems, the properties of the insulated glazing units, the features of the accessories and other indicators that directly affect the quality and service life of the plastic window. Often almost the only criterion of choice is the price. We offer plastic windows that are of high quality, reliability and functionality, and yet reasonably priced.

The quality and basic advantage of our window structures is a set of factors, each of which provides the reliability, functionality and durability of the entire structure:

  • profile
  • insulated glazing unit
  • fittings
  • production
  • assembling

Viknaland plastic windows have proven themselves as robust and reliable structures of any degree of complexity, shape, configuration, type of opening, appearance. The quality of these profile systems is confirmed by years of operation in the conditions of the Ukrainian climate, as well as on the construction markets of other countries.

An important role is played by the glass pane and its properties, since the insulated glazing unit itself occupies up to 80% of the total area of the window. If windows are completed with “warm” insulated glazing units with energy-saving glass, there can be significantly increased the thermal energy savings of the window structure. A significant advantage is also the ability to install triplex, tinted, mirrored, reinforced or tempered glass in windows, to provide windows with various protective or decorative properties.

High-quality and durable fittings ensure smooth run and reliable operation of window structures, as well as provide them with such necessary and convenient functions as different modes of ventilation of the window, blocker of erroneous detaching, microlift, children’s window opening protection (children’s lock), anti-break elements of various classes of protection etc.

Viknaland windows are made on modern high-tech equipment with the use of precision tool, and all stages of production are subject to thorough control. We track the quality of products from the manufacture of the profile to the finished products, we provide our partners with comprehensive support: equipment installation, production recommendations, technical support, consultancy on all issues of manufacturing and installing plastic windows.3_g_har_kov

The essential aspect that affects the quality and durability of the window service is the correct installation with the use of modern insulating means. The poorly executed installation can dampen the benefits of even the best plastic window. Therefore, it is very important that the installation of the window is carried out by specially trained specialists, using the materials required by the DSTU (for example, the inadmissibility of mounting the window on the mounting foam without the use of special fasteners).

Viknaland windows are reliable structures of high quality, with high indicators of heat and sound insulation, resistant to atmospheric influences, as well as harmless to the environment and humans. This is confirmed by the presence of relevant certificates.