8270660-R3L8T8D-1000-lion-kalahari-south-africa_82432_990x742When replacing windows, it is important to know correctly the dimensions of the frame and other details. Independent measurements can lead to errors and incorrect manufacturing and installation of windows. Desirable time savings in the end may turn out to be just a headache. In order to avoid such a mistake and the problems associated with it, use the free calling of the craftsman by calling the Viknaland shop in your area.

Our expert will make all measurements correctly taking into account manufacturing and installation technology. This will protect you from frequent errors of customers who want to do everything by themselves, and then turn to craftsmen with complaints of insufficient tightness, sound insulation and thermal protection. All of this is the possible consequences of incorrect measuring and installation. It is therefore better to correctly make measurements once, by asking a specialist rather than reworking a poorly-installed window. Such tactics will undeniably save you time and money.

Gagers carefully measure each hole. It is important to understand that each window is individual, and this is due to different thickness and material of the walls, the wrong shape of the cavities, the method of fastening, etc.

Exact measurement is the first step to designing your perfect window. So the importance of this process should not be neglected.