In order to order windows (doors, glazing of balconies or any translucent structures based on PVC profile), it is necessary to perform a number of simple actions.

First, it is needed to understand which components your windows will be composed of. Read in more details about the right choice of profile, accessories, insulated glazing unit in the article “How to Choose High-Quality Plastic Windows”.

Secondly, it is needed to firstly consider the configuration of the windows (types of opening), their number (for example, a few large, and many narrow light cavities will fit perfectly well in the large balcony). If the geometry of the room allows the installation of windows of a non-standard shape (arched, round, trapezoidal), it is important to take into account these features of the future design.

Thirdly, it is necessary to determine in advance the color of the frames. It’s no more a secret to anyone that the metal-plastic windows can be not only boring-white, but have any color and texture. Thanks to the high-quality laminating film from the best manufacturers in Germany and Austria, your future frames can be matte or glossy, made woodgrain, in metal style or leather style, and also have any color – from calm woody to futuristic acid. Think about what windows best fit your interior.

So, having determined all the features of the future design, there can be calmly called a qualified consultant-gager. In no case should you try to make a measuring independently, since a professional gager takes into account many details and features of the future design. A competent gager will always advise which window is ideal for the features of your room or climatic conditions in the region. Apart from all this, it is necessary to discuss the auxiliary elements first: the presence of slopes, casts, mosquito nets, width of the window sills, etc.

Only after the final adjustment of all details there is conducted a cost calculation (and possible discounts are negotiated, if any are foreseen). Immediately after the conclusion of the contract, windows are put into production. Due to the specifics of the order, the manufacture of windows can take from a few days to several weeks. Immediately after this, installers install windows.

It should be noted that official authorized partners of VIKNALAND are proven with years of fruitful cooperation companies, highly skilled employees who carry out consulting, make structures and install them at the highest level. Therefore you can always be sure that VIKNALAND windows will serve you for many years.