When buying metal-plastic windows, we expect to get high-quality and durable structures that will reliably serve for many years. And indeed, metal-plastic windows are products of a high degree of reliability and durability, the service life of which is at least 40 years. However, the warranty period for metal-plastic windows usually does not exceed three or five years. What is the reason?

What are the differences between the warranty period and the service life of the window?

Speaking about the life of the metal-plastic window, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the concept of the warranty period and the actual operation life of the window. A well-made window will last for several decades, while keeping its external and functional characteristics unchanged.

Its durability is due to the properties of the materials from which the window is made (PVC profile, insulated glazing units, fittings, sealants), as well as the quality of assembling and installation.

Of course, like any mechanism, metal-plastic windows require periodic maintenance, cleaning, lubrication of moving parts of fittings and rubber seals. To maintain the efficiency of the window for a long time, it is also important to observe by the customer the elementary rules of its operation.
By establishing the warranty period, the window manufacturer (or seller company) guarantees the smooth operation of the metal-plastic window, including its component parts and accessories, subject to adherence to the rules of operation.

During the entire warranty period, in case of defects, defective parts or defections in the operation of the windows, the seller company undertakes to perform free service repairs or replacement of the defective components, if this was due to the fault of the company that provided the guarantee.

What is the guarantee given on?

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the manufacturer or seller company must establish a warranty period of at least 3 years from the date of commissioning the window (paragraph 10.2. of DSTU B V.2.6.-15:2011 “Polyvinyl chloride windows and doors. General technical conditions”), as well as guarantee the conformity of products (windows, doors) to the requirements of this DSTU, subject to the adherence to conditions of transportation, storage, installation and operation by the consumer (paragraph 12 of DSTU).

Guarantee obligations apply to the entire structure of the metal-plastic window:

  • PVC profile;
  • insulated glazing unit;
  • fittings;
  • rubber seals
  • welded joints;
  • additional accessories (casts, window sills);
  • quality of fasteners;
  • tightness of the mounting seam.

The duration of the warranty period, the terms of the warranty service, the cases in which the guarantee is not granted, as well as all other terms and conditions relating to warranty obligations, must be fixed in the contract for the delivery of windows or in the warranty card.

Be careful and mandatory read the full text of the contract provided by the company that undertakes warranty obligations.

What to pay attention to when buying metal-plastic windows?

When purchasing metal-plastic windows we advise to pay attention to the presence of the following manufacturer’s or seller’s documents confirming the quality of materials used for the production of windows, as well as the qualifications of the manufacturer of windows:

  • certificate of conformity for each group of elements of the metal-plastic window;
  • licenses for the right to carry out construction activity with the application – decoding of these types;
  • certificate of admission to work.

All products must comply with the DSTU and the SNiP regulatory requirements for metal-plastic windows.
If the seller company claims an unjustifiably long warranty period (more than 10 years), it should be alert – most likely, the company resorts to unfair advertising, which is unacceptable for a serious company. However, the terms of the waranty in 1-2 years are not reliable and violate the rights of the consumer, fixed in DSTU B V.2.6.-15: 2011 p. 12.1.2 (warranty on metal-plastic windows must be at least 3 years).

Consequently, it is important to understand that windows should only be bought from companies that have proven themselves positively on the territory of Ukraine, have serious attitude to warranty obligations and supply only high-quality, reliable and proven products.