The design of the windows reflects the general idea of the building, its style and the main idea. No wonder that the windows are “eyes” of the house (“vikno” from the word “oko”, “viko”).

There used to be a stereotype that the exclusive view of the windows involves mainly the decoration of glass, made, for example, in the form of a stained glass. In fact, modern technologies of manufacturing metal-plastic windows allow to realize any of your architectural idea.

10 Whether it’s an unusual color of frames, bold shape or impressive size of the window itself – today you can realize any fantasy! It is worth remembering that this requires a specialist with high qualification, since the execution of such a task requires knowledge of a lot of technological subtleties.

Let’s dwell on the form of the windows. For the sophisticated and creative designers, modern manufacturers of PVC window systems offer unusual windows of any shape and configuration. Even the most daring idea is quite feasible due to the fact that the plastic profile perfectly bends, which makes it easy to take any form.

The most popular, after the classic rectangular, are arched windows. They visually increase the space of the room and “lift” the ceiling, so they will be appropriate in small rooms.

In addition, metal plastic arched windows play not only a functional, but also a decorative role, realizing your stylish wishes. Thus, the refined arrow arches, made in Gothic style and decorated with the finest details, will add medieval romantics to a house.
Round Romanesque arches will help you to feel like a Roman aristocrat in your own home. Their soft and majestic lines have won the hearts of many people who appreciate beauty, thanks to which arched windows in the Romanesque style beat all the possible records of popularity.
Metal-plastic arc-shaped windows in the style of high-tech, baroque, English or Moorish will surely satisfy the creative searching of even the most sophisticated customer.

In addition to arched, triangular windows are also popular. Installed on the upper floors or the attic, they will fit perfectly into the exterior of the cottage with a high-rise roof.

Trapezoidal window structures are also used in attic and semi-mansards of country houses with two-tiled roofs. In this case, windows of this form pass more light than triangular.

The round shape of the window looks interesting and unusual. Such designs will look great in the pool or in the sauna. Children will also be in delight from round light port windows, if their room is decorated in marine or cosmic style.

So, even an ordinary apartment today can be likened to a medieval castle, a fabulous cave or futuristic spaceship with the help of arched, round, trapezoidal or triangular windows.

As for the configuration of non-standard metal-plastic windows, then, regardless of the complexity of the structure, the window from the PVC profile can be made as either dumb, or open (wide open, sliding or swing-out), with different radii and angles. The type of opening depends on the shape of the window itself, the functional purpose of the room and, of course, the taste and imagination of the customer.

Consequently, an unusual custom made window is a creature of art. Therefore, such designs are more expensive than ordinary ones. Also, you should be ready to increase the timing of manufacturing, because the exclusive requires an individual approach.

VIKNALAND TM implements your exclusive project of non-standard windows of any complexity – arched, round, triangular, trapezoidal, asymmetric. Because the uniqueness is priceless, and the individual approach to the client is our main principle!