For the most comfortable operation of metal-plastic windows, there is an accessory that allows ventilation of the premises in different modes, depending on the season and climatic conditions.

Traditional hinged, hanging or swing-out fittings allow the chassis to deflect for a ventilation mode at a certain position of the handle (usually a maximum clearance of 13 cm can be adjusted depending on the required angle).

Another mechanism – the limiter – is a kind of “comb”, through which the open sash can be locked in any position: both in the revolving and in the folding.

In order not to cool the room in the winter, install a special fitting system “winter-summer”. Thanks to it, the angle of the deflection of the sash in the cold season can be reduced to 4 mm.

When installing the sloping windows, the sash can be opened in an additional way – in parallel to the frame, which ensures safe micro-ventilation of the room. With the specified opening mode, a 5-millimeter gap is created which does not reduce the anti-break characteristics of the window. I.e. even going on vacation, you will be able to leave the sash in a micro-ventilation mode, not being afraid of unauthorized intrusion into your home.

VIKNALAND window systems are equipped with metal fittings from the best manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey – TM Maco, Siegenia, HAUTAU, GEZE, Endow.

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