At your request, our specialists will manufacture a VIKNALAND window with any number of glasses – from a monolith (thickness 5-6 mm) to a three-chamber insulated glazing unit. VIKNALAND profile assumes the possibility of installing a insulated glazing unit with a total thickness of up to 40 mm, which allows to solve the problem of sufficient noise reduction and necessary thermal insulation in accordance with the requirements of DSTU and DBN.

Often, the consumer is offered two variants of insulated glazing units: one-chamber with a total thickness of 24 mm and two-chamber with a thickness of 32 mm. One-chamber insulated glazing unit (two glasses) with a 4 mm thick glass can not provide the required soundproofing, and even with the use of energy-saving glass will not provide sufficient thermal protection. Therefore, it is not recommended to install one-chamber insulated glazing unit in residential areas.

Two-chamber insulated glazing units (three glasses) with a glass of 4 mm each provides the sound insulation required for residential premises, and the thermal characteristics of a two-chamber insulated glazing unit of a thickness of at least 32 mm with two energy-saving glasses provide thermal insulation, the requirements of which are described in Amendments No. 1 in DBN B.2.6 – 31:2006 “Thermal insulation of buildings”. These are these insulated glazing units that we recommend to use in VIKNALAND windows.