Windows in rooms located on the first or last floors of buildings necessarily require special anti-break accessories. It differs from the usual accessories, primarily because the shuttering mechanisms – studs – have a non-cylindrical, but mushroom-shaped shape. Due to this it is practically impossible to break off the sash.

Another kind of anti-break accessories are special magnetic sensors – contactors, which remotely inform the host about the current state of the window. In other words, when attempting an unauthorized intrusion through the window, the sensors operate as an alarm, about which the owner of the room instantly finds out.

It is useful to know that anti-break fittings can be inserted not only on a new one, but also on an already installed window, replacing or complementing the old one with anti-break system.

VIKNALAND window systems can be equipped with anti-break fittings from the best manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Italy, Turkey – TM Maco, Siegenia, HAUTAU, GEZE.

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