Despite the popularity of metal-plastic window structures today, the buyer often does not even imagine what to begin with studying the products offered. In fact, it’s important to know just a few basic criteria that will help to properly approach the purchase.

Consequently, a standard metal-plastic window consists of:

  • profile;
  • reinforcement;
  • fittings;
  • insulated glazing unit;
  • seals.

Let’s take a look at these components one-by-one.

PVC profile is the basis of the entire window structure. In addition to external attractiveness, it is important to pay attention to the term of its service, strength, isolating characteristics.

The cost of a PVC profile is one third of the cost of the entire window. The price for a profile is formed from the total cost of its individual components. The quality of these components directly affects the color, strength, durability and environmental friendliness of the PVC profile. Therefore, if your main search criterion is low-cost, remember that the excessively low price of a profile will directly match its quality.


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The reinforcement is a metal base inside a plastic profile. It is thanks to the reinforcement that PVC profile (outer shell) becomes metal-plastic. The metal reinforcement provides the plastic structure with the necessary stiffness, thanks to which the window mechanisms work fully. According to the State Standard, the minimum thickness of the reinforcing amplifier is 1.5 mm.

Advice. Unfortunately, when you buy windows, you will not be able to check the features of reinforcing yourself, because the metal frame is hidden inside the profile. The only indicator of the presence of reinforcement in the profile is its weight. So if before you bought a window you had to keep a sample of the window cut in your hands, then take into account its overall weight.

Accessories are metal details, thanks to which there is performed the closing-opening of the window sash. Fittings include brackets, loops, drawbars, joining and other details that allow the chassis to be in different positions. On average, over the entire period of its operation, the regular window opens several tens of thousands of times. Therefore, quality accessories are a guarantee of the long life of your windows.


1 . Pay attention to the warranty period of the fittings. If it is less than 2 years (minimum set by DSTU), one should seriously consider the expediency of such an acquisition.

2 . Window fittings must be metal and have anti-corrosion properties. Note that regardless of material, from which the window is made, when installing poor-quality fittings, the product will lose its reliability and durability.

The insulated glazing unit is a special block consisting of two or more layers of glass, between which there are tight air chambers. A well-installed insulated glazing unit guarantees additional noise and thermal insulation.

The standard thickness of the glass is 4 and 6 mm (for internal and external placement, respectively). But unscrupulous manufacturers allow themselves to install instead of the “four”, the glass in the with the thickness of 3 mm. Of course, without informing the consumer when doing so. This once again shows that the overly cheap windows will eventually cost you much more than their original cost.


1 . When choosing a window, discuss the type of insulated glazing unit. In residential areas for maximum conservation of heat, it is recommended to install a double-chamber insulated glazing unit or one-chamber with energy-saving glass. Windows with insulated glazing units with insufficient thermal insulation perspire in the winter and create inconvenience to their owners.

2 . Please note: if the air chamber perspires between the glass layers, this indicates a lack of tightness. As a result, this will result in deterioration of the heat-shielding and soundproofing properties in general.

The sealant is an element of window structure that allows hermetically closing the window and protects against unwanted ingress of moisture and air. It is located on the edges of the insulated glazing units on both sides, as well as between the sash and the frame. Sealants are made of special rubber, gum, silicone, rubber plastics, and the like. The use of quality materials provides elasticity, wear resistance, insulation properties of sealants.

Advice. Unfortunately, in practice, the quality of the sealant itself can only be checked over time. But how good it is


installed will be shown by a simple opening-closing of the window: the sash must move and be fixated without any obstacles.

Always remember that the quality of the plastic windows should be confirmed by proper certificates and warranty service.

So, having got acquainted with the main criteria for choosing plastic windows and following our advice, you will easily buy the windows that you long dreamed about. And the leading domestic manufacturer of window designs VIKNALAND will help in this.

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