The least noticeable, however, one of the most important elements of the metal-plastic window is the fittings. Many mistakenly think that the fittings are limited to a window or door handle. In fact, it also includes traction, loops, brackets, couplings and other parts, with which the sash can be locked in different positions.

In general, the accessories of the standard window are about two dozen properly selected and assembled parts, which determine the lifetime of the entire window structure. The accessories themselves with the condition of proper and high-quality installation, as well as timely care will last for many years.

So, what are the window fittings?

The easiest type of fittings is the rotary: the window sash can open for 180°, moving horizontally.

The folding fittings, as well as the hinged, allow the window sash to be left exclusively in a ventilation mode, i.e. at a small angle of inclination.

There is a special kind of fittings, thanks to which the window opens for only few millimeters. With such micro-ventilation during the cold season, the room does not cold.

Special constraints create the desired opening angle of metal-plastic windows, which allows to regulate the flow of air at different ventilation modes.

With swing-out and folding fittings (1 + 2), with a certain turn of the handle, it is possible to open the window by 180 °, as well as fold back the sash to ventilate.

The movable fittings allow the sash at the opening to move sideways in parallel to the frame planes. This kind of window opening maximizes space, so it is especially suitable for rooms with a small total area, as well as balconies and loggias. But it is important to understand that due to the features of adhering of the sash to the frame with such fittings, the thermal protection properties of the window are reduced.

Flexible sliding fittings provide the opening of the sashes by the type of accordion, which is convenient for a large area of the surface that opens.

Center-revolving and central-hanging (middle-hanging) types of fittings are most relevant for round windows: a round sash is easily scrolled around its axis.

Recently, a special sloping mechanism is widely used, which allows the sash to move aside and fold back, as well as move back evenly a few millimeters from the frame for ventilation. In this sash position the room is ventilated in power save mode without reducing anti-break characteristics of a window.

To perfect the general form of window the fitting parts can be completely inobservable from the outside. For these purposes the manufacturers produce decorative elements that cover the visible parts of fittings in colored variants.