Depending on your desires and possibilities, today even the most daring and extraordinary decisions when ordering windows can be realized.

more than 1500
different options

16 000
possible colors

Depending on your desires and possibilities, today even the most daring and extraordinary solutions can be realized when ordering windows. Depending on your wishes and possibilities, today even the most daring and extraordinary decisions can be realized when choosing windows. Thus, metal-plastic windows do not necessarily have to be white and rectangular. Various variations on color, shape and configuration are available at your service.


Since the PVC profile can easily be provided with the desired shape when heated, it will not be very difficult to realize any of your design solutions if a team of professionals takes on the matter.

Round windows are perfect for the bathroom. Triangular or trapezoidal – the most practical option for the attic or upper floor of a private home, because it is this form that repeats the contours of the shsrp-angle roof.


Thanks to lamination, the window frames can acquire any available shade and even texture (glossy, matt, woodgrain, metal style, leather style, etc.). The laminate film is applied to the profile using special equipment in the factory conditions.


In addition to aesthetics, a solid film for lamination also protects the PVC profile from external influences and significantly extends its service lifetime, as it withstands temperature, humidity, mechanical effects, and the effect of ultraviolet radiation. The film protects the window profile from overheating, so it will not deform. In addition, the film for lamination does not straighten out and does not require special care.


VIKNALAND window profiles are laminated with foil from leading manufacturers from Germany and Israel.


No matter how complicated the structure is, a window made of metal-plastic can be made with virtually any type of opening: revolving, folding, swing-out, hanging, sliding, complex sliding, central revolving, and central hanging, as well as sloping.


Our partners will design, manufacture and install non-standard windows, colors and configurations of any complexity. After all, we only cooperate with proven windows manufacturers that have proven fruitful cooperation over many years and put the quality of products and service above all else.


The most popular among windows of non-standard forms are arched windows, as they visually expand the space and enhance any interior. Romanian, Gothic, English and any other arched windows for your apartment, office or country house will be manufactured and installed by our best specialists. In order to embody your design solutions, we use the best fittings from Germany, Austria, Italy and Turkey. If necessary, special extra accessories can be installed: anti-break, for people with disabilities, “child” locks. Depending on whether one or both faces of the profile need to be covered with a film, the lamination is one-side and two-side. In addition, there is also a profile “in the mass” – not white, but brown. Therefore, the window of this profile will look most harmoniously in combination with a film of dark colors (especially the woodgrain).