PVC (polyvinyl chloride) – a stable compound, harmless to human health. The basis of PVC – kitchen salt (sodium chloride) and gaseous ethylene, which is obtained by cracking oil and gas. As a result of a number of chemical reactions polyvinyl chloride is formed – a powder of white color.

To date, PVC is one of the most common materials for the manufacture of furniture, motor vehicles, household appliances (utensils, electric kettles, coffee machines, etc.), electrical engineering, packaging materials, as well as in medicine, construction and other spheres.

Thanks to the modern technology of PVC production, it has unique properties that are best suited for the production of window profiles. They can safely include the form resistance, color stability, durability, resistance to aggressive media, rigidity, heat resistance (in the range of operating temperatures).

The special advantage of PVC-profile structures is that, unlike wooden ones, they do not require special care and retain perfect appearance during long years of service.