Until recently, in the minds of Ukrainians, there was a stereotype that the best windows are only of German origin. This myth is rooted in the post-deficit 90-ies, when all the exotic imported from abroad was considered an indisputable standard of quality. This also happened with the first metal-plastic windows in the former Soviet Union, which at first were really brought from Germany. The truth is that they were brought for the crazy money, and more often as a luxury item.

In those same 90s in Ukraine there began to appear in mass the production plants that produce translucent structures and sell them under the guise of German. Such a tactical move is fully justified, because the brand “German windows” has long been rooted in the consciousness of our fellow citizens. Enticing marketers only had to build an advertising campaign correctly.

Thus, today in the Ukrainian window market the situation is as follows: the buyer reacts instantly to the label “German product”, although there are not really German windows in Ukraine! (We will not take into account the exclusive expensive designs, which are brought at order.) All windows sold in Ukraine under the guise of German are made in Ukraine and officially are a Ukrainian product. Even if the profile from which these windows are made is of foreign origin (usually these are different countries of Europe and Asia). In other words, “German window quality” is nothing more than a marketing move that pushes trustful Ukrainians to the purchase of specific brands.

But VIKNALAND TM destroys myths and breaks stereotypes. Viknaland LLC has never been ashamed of its origin and did not cover itself with the German roots. We openly declare that we make VIKNALAND TM profile systems in Ukraine at our own plant. Invariably, the high quality of our profile is confirmed by the fact that for many years the company Vikanalend LLC is among the top three Ukrainian leaders in the PVC profile market. Therefore, it makes no sense to overpay for the supposedly “German” label, because Ukrainians can do really high-quality product!