It’s no secret that not all manufacturers of metal-plastic windows are honest and responsible to their customers. Therefore, there are used a variety of tricks that allow to maximally reduce the cost of a window. Unfortunately, unscrupulous processors are interested to a small extent in the consequences, because the cheap product will always be in demand. In this publication, we will describe how window makers can cheapen products by using a third-grade PVC profile.

The cost of a high-quality profile for making a reliable window design is not a cheap pleasure. After all, it is the PVC profile that accounts for most of the entire cost of the window. Therefore, to reduce the cost of the structure, a profile containing as little plastic as possible is used. There are several options for achieving this goal.

1 . Reducing the cross-sectional area of the profile (Fig. 1).
The consequences of such self-actions lead to a weakening of the welded angle, therefore the window does not withstand certain loads. For example, if your apartment is on the upper floors of the building, then the wind load at a great height is enormous. Unfortunately, a window made of profile with a reduced cross-sectional area can not withstand such a load. But the above-mentioned machinations can be easily determined visually.

2 . Reducing the thickness of the profile walls (Fig. 2).
Unfortunately, it is impossible to visually detect such a trick, except by sawing a window and measuring the thickness of all profile walls. According to the DSTU, the thickness of the front walls (“x” in Fig. 3) should be not less than 2.8 mm, the thickness of non-face walls (“y” in Fig. 3) – not less than 2.5 mm. If these values are not met, then the measured profile can be definitely considered to be an economical option.

Of course, when you buy windows, you’re unlikely to be in your spare time cutting a frame to make sure the design is reliable. Therefore, the only solution is to choose conscientious manufacturers of windows, checked by time and profile recommended by the manufacturer.

It should be noted that, according to the law, all ways to reduce the cost of PVC-profile have a right to exist. But then the profile should be labeled as third-grade. But misrepresenting as a fully-featured high-quality profile the product with characteristics that do not meet the specified is illegal. But it is quite simple and safe. And even in the certificates of conformity there is no exhaustive information on the permissible limits of the applicability of such savings.
What eventually comes out? In the manufacture of window structures a third-sort profile can behave unpredictably: crack, deform. The finished window will not last long, which will be contributed by the temperature fluctuations inherent in the Ukrainian climate, as well as the wind load. As a result, you will lose a decent amount of money, because the window will have to be replaced.

In order that the VIKNALAND TM PVC profile always corresponds to the European quality, and the term of its service to the declared 40 years, the department of quality control of finished products operates at the Viknalend LLC factory. In addition, the manufacturers-customers are accompanied by the technical support department that tracks and eliminates all possible problems with the production of the profile. Therefore, it is safe to assert that the five- and four-chamber VIKNALAND profile systems from the Viknaland LLC manufacturer company are the optimum ratio of European quality and Ukrainian prices.

And do not forget that the trusted authorized window makers can guarantee a decent level of products and first class service.