In our previous publications, we have already looked at standard types of fittings and anti-break systems for windows. In this article, we will discuss the following additional functions of accessories, such as multifunctional airing, limiting the opening of windows by children, and facilitating the use of windows by people with disabilities.

Also, the installation of additional fittings allows to adjust the amount of air entering the room in a ventilation mode. Especially important is not to cool the room in the winter, therefore the special “winter-summer” fittings system helps to set the necessary angle of the folding back of the sush in the cold season. If the door is usually deflected to ventilate for the 13 cm, then, by placing the fold back fixator, the gap can be reduced to 0.4 cm.

The current varieties of window fittings allow to choose any angle of folding back of the sash depending on your requirements. So, even going on vacation, you can leave the sashes shut up at a height of 3 mm, which will provide the normal circulation of air indoors. At the same time, such a gap will remain completely inobservable from the outside.

By the way, if you have installed sloping windows, you can open the door in an additional way – in parallel with the frame. This ensures effective and safe micro-ventilation along its entire perimeter. The whole thing is that with this opening mode a small gap (5 mm) is formed that does not reduce the anti-breakdown characteristics of the window. Moreover, it is thanks to this energy-saving way of ventilation that you can not cold the room in the winter, which often happens when the window is sloping.
In addition to the described variants of the additional fittings, the so-called “children” locks acquire more and more popularity. These are special child safety systems for metal-plastic windows that limit the access of children to the opening of the doors. The accessories of this type include window handles with a locking gap or locks that are closed on the key and are located in the lower or upper part of the sash.

The “child” lock allows to lock the saash in any convenient position, for example, in a ventilation mode or completely closed mode. In this case, children cannot open the window directly on their own. Of course, if you keep the key from the lock in an inaccessible place for children.

In addition, “children” locks usually have anti-break qualities. And if the window is located at high altitude and is exposed to significant wind load, then the lock facilitates more reliable locking of the sash in the vintilation mode.

The little-known variety of additional accessories is the so-called chain drive, which is activated by pressing the button located in a convenient place. With its help the window can be remotely opened even in the most inaccessible places, for example, in the attic or on the upper floors of the cottage. This mechanism is simply irreplaceable for the elderly or the disabled.

There are also fittings designed specifically for people with disabilities. With its help the window can be opened even in a sitting position – the high sash easily takes the necessary position when turning the handle for 90° or 180°. The implementation of this principle of opening the window became possible due to the special design of the window handle located at the bottom of the window. Therefore, the main function of the window fittings for people with disabilities is to make window management easier.

Consequently, with the help of additional fittings, you will be able to provide a constant flow of fresh air into your home without loss of heat, and also take care of the convenience and safety of your little children and elderly parents. Therefore, a proper approach to the choice of fittings will greatly facilitate the life of you and your loved ones.