About the weather: The temperature outside decreased … It is raining …

The time of year has come, which, as an artist, paints nature with bright colors.

And it’s time for us to prepare the windows for the winter.

Although modern metal-plastic windows are reliable and durable, timely care and maintenance will extend their proper functioning and durability.

What needs to be done for this?

1. Make a decision

This is the very first, but also the most difficult point, further it will be easier

2. Remove mosquito nets

Removing the mosquito net takes a matter of seconds, but please do not put them dusty, dirty in the pantry.

Every day they worked, detained dust, poplar fluff, did not let insects into the room. Wash, dry and the next season the windows will delight you with clean air.

3. My windows

This procedure is not particularly difficult. At the moment, there are many different detergents for glass, all of which will allow to clean the surface efficiently without streaks. Do not forget to wipe the profile of the frame, sash, window sill.

After washing a hidden sun a clear light will shine in response. In other words, the window will smile at you and say thank you.

By the way, if you apply anti-rain on the glass surface from the outside, you will have lasting happiness with clean windows.

4. Window Inspection

Most of the work has already been done, a little remains:

  • We check the fittings with a handle for jamming and, if necessary, clean and lubricate the hardware mechanism (you can connect a specialist)
  • We check the seal, and the tightness in the closed position. If necessary, lubricate or replace the seal (you can connect a specialist)
  • Check the window for mashing, skewing of the sash – adjusting the fittings (you can connect a specialist)

And remember: plastic windows make life easier and require virtually no maintenance!

But nevertheless, in order for your windows to serve you longer and please you with trouble-free operation, you must perform the simple steps described above.